The best planning is of no use if the implementation fails

Our hallmark is the smooth and professional execution planning.
Whether simple carports or complex engineering timber structures, Timber Concept employs trained CAD specialists and applies specialized CAD software, e.g. AutoCAD, Autodesk REVIT, Autodesk hsbcad and cadwork.
Timber Concept creates design and shop drawings, optimized CLT element drawings as well as individual component drawings. And, if desired, assembly drawings. We have developed a particular strength in the area of CLT element optimizations and drawings. We reduce the waste factor within each panel by optimizing the panel lay-out plan.
Depending on the governing parameters material savings of 10 % are possible.
In the field of fabrication drawings, we are happy to work for the timber industry, the prefabricated house building and timber construction companies, as well as general construction companies and commercial builders.

We can cover the following tasks:

  • Official Drawings for building permits (local)
  • Construction and shop drawings
  • Detailed drawings and parts lists
  • Element drawings for CLT buildings
  • Individual component drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Volume and weight determinations
  • Providing CNC machine data (individual consultation necessary)