Decisive is a punctual and reliable delivery

Delayed deliveries or damaged components are not only annoying, but also entail high costs. 60% of all complaints on construction sites are due to faulty logistics planning.
For this reason, Timber Concept has a special focus on the seamless transport planning.
A container is not loaded without a "wooden sledge", a truck load does not take off without a loading diagram.
Punctual deliveries are a self-evidence for us. We deliver day-to-day, on request also at an agreed time.
Timber Concept offers you the most economical and safest transport route, by lorry, container or train.

We offer the following transport means:

  • Lorry curtain trailer, max. 13,50 m length
  • Lorry open (for CLT plates)
  • Lorry partial transports
  • Lorry overlength and overwidth
  • Container: 20 or 40 ft, Box, HC, OT
  • Break bulk (on or below deck)
  • rail transport