Large spans, free shapes and a predictable fire resistance

Wooden components made of glued laminated timber (glulam) have three decisive advantages compared to steel and concrete components:
• Glulam structures have a high load bearing capacity with a low dead weight
• The burning behavior of glulam is calculable. Expensive fire protection paints are generally not necessary.
• Glulam can be manufactured and delivered in nearly any shape, free forms are not a problem. 

Wood is also resistant to chemically aggressive substances, so that for instance storage halls for fertilizers and salts are built almost exclusively with glulam components. 

The use of special glulam components also makes a positive contribution to our climate. Each cubic meter of wood reduces the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by an average of 2 tonnes.

• Freely selectable curved shape (single, double, elliptical)
• One or two-axis curved components
• Smallest internal radius 600 mm
• lamella thickness depending on the radius
• Species: spruce, on request: larch, Douglas fir and pine
• Available lamella widths depending on type of wood specie
• Components with or without CNC machining
• please observe transport restrictions: max. 4 m pitch

• Glulam widths > 240, 260 and 280 mm are glued from 2 cross sections
• Static gluing only with approved phenol resorcinol glue
• In individual cases, MUF bonding is possible
• Use restricted to service class 1 + 2

• CNC joinery ensures precision to +/- 0.5 mm dimensional tolerance
• Accuracy even with higher number of pieces
• Efficient and cost-saving joinery
• Cutting of special components
• Complex angular cuts, trimming, slots
• Cutouts, drilled holes and longitudinal rebates

• Pre-assembly of steel parts and connecting elements (e.g. cleats)
• Installation of transverse reinforcements and attachment of supports
• Application of impregnation (transparent) and color stain
• Pre-assembly of concealed connectors, e.g. Knapp and Sherpa connectors
• Pre-assembled components guarantee a smooth assembly


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