Either we will find a way, or we will make one! (Hannibal)

The static dimensioning of a load-bearing structure is one of the central tasks of our company.
We can offer our customers a static pre-dimensioning, a comprehensive engineering calculation or even a verifiable execution engineering study.
Our calculations are always based on the Eurocode 5, German Annex and can either be supplied in the German or English language.
We are happy to solve tricky structures and complex detail statics together with our long-standing partners, reputable engineering firms in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In the field of structural engineering, we offer you:

  • Pre-dimensioning
  • Static structural design
  • Checkable statical calculations
  • Execution statical calculations
  • Details / connection dimensioning

Member of the Chamber of Engineers of Bavaria:

  • Listed and approved consulting engineers
  • Official authorization to present building documents
  • Admission to authorize the structural stability