Large-format solid timber panels are the trend

Cross-Laminated-Timber also known as CLT or X-LAM describes a large-format solid timber panel used in mass timber construction.
Similar to plywood made from veneers, the cross-wise lay-up of at least three board layers ensures a high dimensional stability.
The massive panel is used in load-bearing constructions as wall, ceiling and roof element.
CLT offers decisive advantages over reinforced concrete components and therefore enjoys increasing popularity among architects, contractors  and investors.

Use as:
• Walls, shear walls
• Floors, ceilings
• Roofs
• Shear walls
• Single and multi-family houses
• Multi-storey residential buildings
• Industrial and warehouses
• Office and administrative buildings
• Schools and kindergartens
• Hotel and restaurant buildings
• Modules and modular systems
• Roof top structures
• Carports and garages


Spruce/fir, pine, larch, other types of wood on request
Product Standard:
EN 16351 | ETA-12/0281
Statical Design:
According to EN 1995 (Eurocode 5) taking into account ETA-12/0281
Moisture content:

11% +/- 2%
MUF, transparent in color, waterproofed
(PU bonding on request)
Excellent, visual, industrial visual and non-visual quality

Thicknesses: 60 to 300 mm
Widths: up to 3,20 m
Lengths: 6 to 20 m
Bundle wrapped

• Large panels: max. size up to 3.20 m x 20.0 m
• Gain space through narrow wall thickness
• Lower specific weight compared to reinforced concrete
• Very quick assembly time
• Easy and efficient assembly
• Various surface qualities available
• Pleasant room climate
• Sustainable building material, CO2 storage

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